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The Classification of brick


1.According to the different parts used in construction projects, the bricks are divided into wall bricks, floor bricks, arch shell bricks, ground bricks, sewer bricks and chimney bricks,etc.
2.According to different building properties,wall bricks are divided into load-bearing bricks, non-load-bearing bricks, engineering bricks, thermal insulation bricks, sound-absorbing bricks, decorative bricks, flower bricks, etc.
3.According to the characteristics of the production process, bricks are divided into sintered products and non-sintered products

4.According to the different raw materials used, the bricks are divided into clay bricks, shale bricks, coal stone bricks, fly ash bricks, slag bricks, lime sand bricks, etc.

5.According to the shape, the bricks can be divided into solid bricks, microporous bricks, porous bricks and hollow bricks. Ordinary bricks and special-shaped bricks.

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