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The application of Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo flooring is a kind of decorative material with high grade and high taste. It is widely used in home, office building, Hotel and part of entertainment, sports venues decoration. It is deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad.
Specifically, the suitable places for bamboo flooring are:

1.Home decoration: This is the main part of bamboo floor widely used, especially bedrooms, study, gym, Japan and style rooms, etc.

2.High-level office buildings, including offices, conference rooms, reception rooms, product exhibition halls, etc.

3.Hotels: including hotel suites, health centers, entertainment centers, conference centers, etc.

4.High grade commercial building: including business hall, exclusive counter, etc.

Generally, bamboo flooring is not suitable for use in the following areas: the floor and basement of buildings with poor moisture-proof treatment, the ground often in contact with water, large indoor public places, public passages, etc.

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