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The Usage of Joint Sealer

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1、The construction of Jinshi joint Sealer can only be carried out after seven days of cement paving (two days of tile glue paving). The construction temperature shall not be lower than 0 ℃.


2、First of all, the mosaic surface or stone surface and the connection joint must be cleaned, so as to wet the surface with a wet cloth, but do not leave water, so as to reduce the absorption of pigment and cement by the small holes on the mosaic, and ensure its coloring and final setting.


3、To help control color and reduce chalking, wipe the surface with cotton cloth or clean dry towel within 1-2 hours.

4、In the first 72 hours, pay attention to prevent the joint sealer from drying (especially the construction surface exposed to the sun outdoors). At this time, the construction surface can be covered with natural kraft paper (preferably not replaced by plastic cloth or newspaper), 

so as to prevent other construction operations from contaminating the newly made joint. 2-3 times of water spray can be used for outdoor joint filling.


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