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The performance of screw

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Because there are many types of screws, the performance of each type of screw is different, so different screws have different uses. In order to avoid misuse, we must have a certain understanding of the performance of the screw, so that we can use the correct type of screw in the corresponding place.

1.First of all, let ’s take a look at self-tapping screws. Self-tapping screws with a diameter of 0.8mm to 12mm generally have high hardness. Self-tapping screws have to be screwed into the test, which is to screw the screws into a test version , and then check whether the hardness of the screw meets the standard. If it does not meet the standard, you need to analyze where the problem is and find a solution.

2.An orther type is drill tail screw. As the name implies, the tail of the screw generally shows the shape of a drill. The hardness of this screw is also very strong. Compared with ordinary screws, it not only maintains better, but also connects objects. It is very firm. For this type of screw, it generally does not require auxiliary processing. You can drill a hole directly on the object and lock it into the object. It is not only very convenient to use, but also greatly improves the work efficiency. This self-drilling screw can be said to be the first choice of staff in various fields.

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