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The Application Of Tin

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As early as ancient times, people discovered and used tin.  in some ancient tombs in China, tinware such as tin pots, tin candlesticks and so on are often discovered .  according to research, the use of tinware in China during the Zhou Dynasty has become very common.  in the ancient tombs of egypt, tin-made daily necessities were also discovered.
Tin is a softer metal with a lower melting point and strong plasticity.  it can be used in a variety of surface treatments, and can be made into a variety of styles, including traditional and elegant european wines, candlesticks, noble and elegant tea sets, and even the most inviting vases and exquisite table decorations.  the style is full of beautiful silverware. with its elegant appearance and unique functional functions, tinware has long been popular in countries all over the world, and has become a daily product for people and gifts for friends and relatives.

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