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Maintenance Of Door Lock

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The door lock is a kind of high load operation component, with the passage of time, it is inevitable that there will be some failures.the damage of the door lock at home is often caused by improper use or maintenance.

Precautions for door lock maintenance:

Some friends often like to drop some lubricating oil into the keyhole when the door lock is jammed or tightened. the door lock may slip in an instant, and because the oil tends to stick to the ash, it is easy to accumulate dust in the keyhole later.this makes it more likely that the door lock will break down.
The right solution : sharpen some pencil powder or some candle powder, blow the powder into the lock core through a thin tube, then insert the key and turn it repeatedly several times.

Door opening is not smooth

Sometimes, as a result of the door itself gravity or the door loose-leaf will cause the door to sink. the door is locked or not opened smoothly.at this time, the key to open and lock the door is very difficult, please do not forcibly twist the key, so as not to break the key and add trouble.
The right solution : first of all, find out the reason.if the door sinks due to loose hinge, screw the loose hinge again.if door frame is out of shape or other reason causes, this can proceed with from door frame and expand lock tongue accordingly, so the door lock open and close can restore normal and fluent.

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