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The Knowledge of Wood

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Wood generally refers to the wooden materials used in industrial and civil buildings, usually referred to as soft wood and hard wood. The timber used in the project is mainly from the trunk of trees. Wood has been a main building material since ancient times because it is easy to obtain and process.

Wood can be divided into coniferous wood and broad-leaved wood. Chinese Fir, pine, spruce and fir are coniferous wood; Oak, Fraxinus mandshurica, Cinnamomum camphora, sassafras and various birch, nanmu and poplar are broad-leaved wood. There are many tree species in China, so there are different wood species commonly used in engineering in different regions.Northeast China mainly includes Korean pine, larch (Pinus sylvestris), Spruce, Spruce mandshurica;The Yangtze Rivr Basin mainly contains Chinese fir and Masson pine; Fir, spruce and hemlock are mainly distributed in the southwest and northwest regions.

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