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The Advantages Of GEMP Flooring

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Compared With The Traditional Coating Materials

01.GEMP Flooring is a two-layer fiber-reinforced composite that offers superior pressure resistance and better tensile and impact resistance than traditional coating materials.

02.GEMP Flooring is an industrialized production with uniform standard specifications and rigorous testing. It avoids the problem of cutting corners and cutting corners in the construction of traditional materials.
03.GEMP Flooring After high temperature curing, non-toxic and harmless materials, safety and environmental protection.
04.GEMP Flooring construction efficient and convenient, the whole process without any odor distribution, you can achieve non-stop production, to avoid the floor of the workshop affect the normal production.

05.GEMP Flooring more convenient to repair, just cut damaged materials, re-scratch plastic repair, repair and old materials where the integration is better.

06.GEMP Flooring construction period compared to coating materials will be faster.

Compared With The PVC Floor

01.GEMP Flooring is a thermoset resin-fiber composite that provides superior pressure resistance over thermoplastic PVC flooring. PVC floor flexibility is better, but in heavy-duty workshop because of good elasticity and lead to degumming, PVC floor in heavy-duty area can not be used.

02.GEMP Flooring surface densification is higher than the PVC floor, so the general solvent will not penetrate into the material inside, while the PVC floor performance will be much worse.

03.GEMP Flooring high temperature performance superior to PVC flooring, cigarette butts test shows that the PVC floor will be scorched for 3 minutes, and FRP coil until a cigarette is completely burnt on the surface does not appear burned, but the surface is yellowed , The material itself does not scorch situation.

04.GEMP Flooring water resistance is better than PVC floor, PVC floor construction is generally used cement self-leveling and water-based adhesive, both materials itself afraid of water, so in many cases due to the cushion and wire soak problems. FRP coil using two-component waterproofing glue and compact sealant, to a large extent, avoid the problem of water degumming.

05.GEMP Flooring is also superior in corrosion resistance to PVC flooring.

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