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Performance Characteristics Of FRP Channel Steel

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Performance characteristics of FRP channel steel:

01. Light quality: the proportion of fiberglass is about 1.8, only a quarter of the steel, and a third less than aluminum. higher than normal carbon steel, resistant to creep, good impact resistance.

02. Corrosion resistance: no rust, acid, alkali, organic solvents and salts, and the corrosion of liquid media are very advantageous in the field of anticorrosion.

03. Aging resistance: under normal working conditions, the effective service life can be over 20 years.

04. Safety: flame retardant, oxygen index above 32. excellent electrical insulation, 10KV voltage without breakdown. no electromagnetism, no spark. effective anti-skid.

05. Comprehensive economic benefits: low installation cost and near zero maintenance. comprehensive economic benefits are three to four times higher than carbon steel.

06. Beautiful and easy to maintain: the color is optional, the color is bright, the color is not easy to fade; easy to rinse, surface has self-cleaning effect.

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