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The Knowledge Of Sound Insulating Glass

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It is a kind of glass product that can shield the sound in some extent.they are usually double-layered or multi-layered laminated glass.the glass membrane in the middle of laminated glass plays a key role in the weakening of sound propagation,it makes the glass sound proof.
1.Using the world-wide technology,which is double sound insulation and thermal insulation used for the spacecraft window.the sound insulating glass will not crush and not splash to injure people or cause other injuries.golf, baseball and bricks can't break it down.they can also withstand small explosions.glass material capacity is 18kg/㎡.

2.The film of sound insulating glass is used as an intermediate film with two layers of glass are processed by special process.it is a new environment-friendly glass product with very high technology content.

3.The profile of sound insulating glass is a kind of high-quality, high-strength industrial aluminum profile,electrophoresis coating surface treatment.luxurious appearance, durable product.

4.New additives were mixed in the pvc sealing strip of the sound insulating glass ,adopt the new technology of soft and hard composite molding,has good elasticity,small stretching variation,easy to tear down and suitable for the natural temperature.

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