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The Knowledge of Bamboo Floor

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Bamboo floor is a new type of building decoration material, it is made of natural bamboo with high quality as raw material. After more than twenty processes, the raw bamboo slurry is removed, pressed under high temperature and pressure, then multi-layer paint and finally dried by infrared ray.

Bamboo flooring brings a green and fresh wind to building materials market with its natural advantages and many excellent properties after forming.

It has many characteristics,firstly, bamboo flooring replaces wood with bamboo, which has the original characteristics of wood. Moreover, in the process of bamboo processing, high-quality gum which meets the national standards can avoid the harm of formaldehyde and other substances to human body.There are also bamboo flooring using advanced equipment and technology, through 26 processes of raw bamboo processing, both with the natural beauty of log flooring and the durability of ceramic floor tiles.
Flooring is an important part of home decoration,whether the appearance of bamboo flooring is quiet and delicate, or its own tactile enjoyment. It is suitable for home decoration and give people a fresh and refined feeling, it is flexible and stable , so can be suitable for all ages.
Bamboo flooring is processed layer by layer. Compared with ordinary flooring, bamboo flooring is very different, especially in texture and appearance,the advantages of bamboo flooring are relatively more expensive than ordinary flooring. Of course, bamboo flooring also has the natural advantages of warm winter and cool summer.

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