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The Knowledge of Wallpaper

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Wallpaper is a kind of interior decoration materials for pasting the wall, widely used in residential, office, hotel, hotel interior decoration.The materials are not limited to paper, but also include other materials.

Because it have colour diversity, design is rich, luxurious air, safe environmental protection, construction is convenient, low price that other interior decoration materials can not be compared to these characteristics , in Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries and regions it get a high degree of popularity.
Features of wallpaper:

1.The color is pure: When we choose metope paint, will inevitably be in the color of metope lacquer small off color, brush on the metope tonal often with his original idea is not completely consistent.
The wallpaper color is pure forever, because the wallpaper from the choose and buy to posted on the wall will not change color, don't worry have off color.

2.Environmentally friendly: Latex paint is mainly composed of water, base material (emulsion), color filler and auxiliary agent. Many components will produce harmful chemical substances to human body after long-term contact with air, and latex paint will release formaldehyde gas.
But wallpaper is made up of 3 parts commonly: paper base and ink are among them two parts, the other part depends on the classification of wallpaper material.

3.Long service life: Use the wallpaper with advanced technology, its material is better and its service life will be longer.

4.Construction is fast and clean: When brushing lacquer, metope can leave a few dirt mark hard, and remove very hard, but when pasting wallpaper, if glue fluid spills carelessly to go up to skirting board or window frame, we use wet dishcloth commonly or sponge can be cleared very quickly clean.

5.Lots of style: Choose and buy the wallpaper that oneself like, make the effect that gives any want.

6.Large price space: Can meet different levels of customer needs.

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