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The Application Of Ceramic Tile

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With the improvement of the quality of life, ordinary decorative tiles on the wall have also undergone changes. They are no longer pure color tiles,but have evolved into colorful artistic tiles, which are favored by consumers for their unique characteristics:

1.Low water absorption: it has low water absorption, used all the year round, no color change, no trace is always as new. Simple cleaning. At the same time, it is mould proof and moisture-proof, and is not afraid of damp and rainy weather.

2.High wear resistance: the system is fired at high temperature, Mohs hardness reaches Grade 8, and the wear resistance is extremely high.

3.Customized size,customized according to the actual size of your decoration, so it may be unique in your neighborhood.

4.Acid Resistance:in the process of industrialization, acid rain is becoming more and more serious, which has become the main cause of industrial environmental pollution. Porcelain bricks are burned at high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, no stains left,easy to clean.


5.Zero Pollution: pure natural stone is adopted, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The whole production process is strictly controlled to realize zero pollution to the environment.

6.There are many styles, vivid patterns, bright colors, high-grade and generous.


7.Long service life, ceramic tile background wall, guarantee fifty years do not fade.

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