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The Application Of GEMP Flooring

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GEMP Flooring ,due to excellent physical and chemical properties, mature construction technology and other factors widely used in various fields: food industry, laboratories, equipment manufacturing industry, electronic information industry, auto parts industry, the pharmaceutical industry ......

In addition ,GEMP Flooring also be applied to underground parking garage, motor car / high-speed rail / subway car.

The practical application of garage, yellow and blue stitching, eye-catching, wear pressure, anti-skid dirt.

High-speed rail, subway and other special places on the waterproof, non-slip, noise reduction also have certain requirements, the GEMP Flooring in full compliance with the ground requirements, the other in the oil stains, easy to clean even more significant advantages.

Since in the parking garage, high-speed rail car these demanding on the ground (wear pressure, waterproof non-slip, noise reduction).

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