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The Application Of Marble

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Application:Marble has beautiful colors and patterns,it has high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties,it is widely distributed and easy to process.as the development of economy, marble applies limits to expand ceaselessly, dosage is bigger and bigger, it having important effect in people life.especially in recent ten years of large-scale marble mining, industrial processing, international trade, so that marble decorative plate large quantities of land into the building decoration industry.not only for the luxury of public buildings, but also into the home decoration.marble still is used for making elegant appliance in great quantities, and like furniture, lamps and lanterns, smoking implement and artistic sculpture.some marble (including limestone, dolomite, marble, etc.) can also be used as alkali-resistant materials.In the marble mining, processing process of the rubble, edge material is often used in the production of artificial stone, terrazzo, stone rice, stone powder, can be used in coating, plastic, rubber and other industries filler.

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