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The Maintenance Method Of Wallpaper

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1.Before the construction:

Wallpaper or wall cloth should be placed in an environment where the relative humidity of the air is less than 85%, the temperature should not change dramatically, make sure to avoid construction in wet seasons and on wet walls.
If want wall paper to spread beautiful,durable and not easy bubble warp, so the treatment of metope before construction is very important.
Walls to be wallpapered should be smooth, dry and free of dirt and dust. before installing wallpapering, it is recommended to apply a layer of polyester paint to the walls to prevent moisture and mold.

2.During construction:

Should always use a clean towel to wipe off the adhesive liquid during construction when they spill.especially the glue in the seam should be treated clean.
Construction personnel must keep hands and tools highly clean, if there is dirt, should be promptly clean with soap and water or detergent.

3.After construction:

Doors and Windows should be opened during the day to keep ventilation; close door and window in the evening, prevent damp to enter, also prevent the wall paper that just sticks to metope is blown loose by the wind at the same time.
Clean the wallpaper or wall cloth regularly, pay attention to the use of appropriate vacuum suction head.
When daily discovery special besmirch wants to be wiped in time, waterproof wallpaper can be swabbed with water, after washing blot with dry towel;to be able to bear water wall cloth to want to wait with eraser to wipe, or dip in with towel some clean fluid to wring dry hind wipe gently.


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