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The Knowledge of brick


Brick is the most traditional masonry material. It has gradually developed from clay as the main raw material to the utilization of industrial waste materials such as coal gangue and fly ash, and from solid to porous and hollow, and from sintering to non-sintering. A cuboid stone used for building walls, fired from clay, mostly red, commonly known as "red brick", but also cyan "green brick".

The size of Chinese standard clay bricks is 240 *115 *53mm. The purpose of this size is to ensure that the ratio of the length, width and height of the brick is 4: 2: 1 (including the width of the gray seam of 10mm). The thickness of the brick wall is often referred to as a multiple of the brick. Because the length of the brick is 240mm, the wall with a thickness of one brick is also called "two four" wall, and the wall with a thickness of one brick and a half is also called "three seven" wall, the thickness is The half-brick wall is also called "one two" wall.

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