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01 Two-Component Glue QTLB-ZHYY-JS****
02 Epoxy Joint Filler QTLB-ZHYY-TFJ****

Epoxy Joint Filler




 Product Code: QTLB-ZHYY-TFJ****

b  Brand: GEMP

 Product Name: Epoxy Joint Filler

d  Specification:  Component A 300ml + Component B 100ml
e  Manufacturer: Quzhou Acme Science And Technology Co.,Ltd.
f  Application areas: Suitable for bonding gap between GEMP industrial flooring, ceramics, tiles etc, as well as hard materials as metal and non-metal materials.  
g  Sales guide:  
h  Product Features: Strong compatibility, non-toxic, uniform and eternal color, small expansion coefficient, good stability; Acid and alkali resistance, oil and dust resistance. 

 Product parameters:   

01. Appearance & Status: Component A: Viscous paste; Component B: Viscous liquid

02. Mixing Ratios: Component A: Component B=3:1 (by volume)

03. Up Time(min, 25) : 30

04. Initial Curing Time (min, 25): 120

05. Temperature Resistance: -50~+100

06. Hardness: 70(SHORED)

07. Bonding Strength: >80(kg/cm²)


 Summary Description:  

01.When the temperature is higher than 25, and time interval between construction is more than 40 minutes, the automatic mixing rubber head needs to be replaced.

02.If any glue sticks to the surface of GEMP material, clean it immediately.

03.Please use appropriate protective measures, such as gloves.

04.Pay attention to dryness and ventilation during storage, avoid direct sunlight, and handle gently during transportation to avoid collision.

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