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01 Two-Component Glue QTLB-ZHYY-JS****
02 Epoxy Joint Filler QTLB-ZHYY-TFJ****

Two-Component Glue




 Product Code: QTLB-ZHYY-JS****

b  Brand: GEMP

 Product Name: Two-Component Glue

d  Specification:  Barrel 
e  Manufacturer: Quzhou Acme Science And Technology Co.,Ltd.
f  Application areas: Suitable for bonding GEMP industrial flooring.  
g  Sales guide:  
h  Product Features: Strong adhesive strength, short curing time. 

 Product parameters:   

01. Mixing Ratios: Component A : Component B =5:1 (by weight)

02. Construction temperature: between 15 and 30  

03. Applicable Period:20-30 minutes

04. Construction Time:0-40 minutes

05. Passable Time: after 12-24 hours

06. Completely Bonding: after 5-7 days


 Summary Description: The base surface must be strong, flat, dry, clean and without any cracks. If the  base surface is not smooth, please use high strength self-leveling to chisel it smoothly. The dense and smooth base also have to be polished, please follow the instructions for the relevant products.

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