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The Knowledge of Joint Sealer

Newstime:2022-06-02   Visits:1133

The joint sealer has the characteristics of strong adhesion, small shrinkage, strong color fixation, flexible crack resistance, good decorative texture, pressure and wear resistance, and mildew resistance.

The joint sealer can perfectly repair the cracks or damages on the floor surface, and the surface can also be painted with good water resistance.


The joint sealer is rich in color and can be prepared by itself, so it is more and more popular with customers. In order to achieve good results, attention must be paid when using it.


Matters needing attention:

1、Depending on the width of the brick joint and the drying degree of the environment, the proportion of powder and water of the joint sealer is slightly different. The narrower one can be relatively thin. The width of the brick joint shall be 1.5-5mm (when using the coarse sand joint sealer, the width of the brick joint shall be 2-13mm).

2、Do not clean caulked tiles with acid cleaner.

3、It is not allowed to construct outside 5-40 ℃ and under rainy conditions.

4、Special sealant such as neutral glue shall be used at expansion joint.

5、In the construction, try not to leave too thick joint filler on the brick surface, so as to avoid that it is difficult to clean after bonding.

6、Avoid pressurizing, scraping and rain on the tile and joint sealer free of joint filling within 24 hours.

7、As soon as possible (within 10 minutes) after the construction of black joint sealer, the base surface shall be cleaned with dry cloth. After 24 hours of dry consolidation, the remaining spots can be cleaned with clear water to avoid whitening caused by joint sealant.

8、During large-scale construction, expansion joints should be reserved. Maintenance should be carried out once 5-6 hours after construction, and the second time after 24 hours.

9、The product has a certain degree of corrosiveness. It should avoid contact with the eyes. If it is accidentally touched, wash it with plenty of water immediately. If it is serious, send it to the hospital for medical treatment immediately.



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